Waste Knot, Want Knot.

Waste Knot, Want Knot.

Introducing the l'ocean paddle™.

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The Story of the l’ocean paddle™

We asked many people what they do when their favorite beauty product is about to run out and almost everyone had a similar response: “Pound it, cut it, use chop sticks or leave it and throw it away”. So, we created a solution. Introducing the L’Ocean Paddle™, a simple yet sophisticated device that allows you to reach into small bottles and get to the end of your products. Whether you need to use the end of your lotion or simply want to transfer some into a container, the L’Ocean Paddle™ is your go-to accessory.

The design inspiration for the Paddle came from our love of the ocean and boats; we spent many summers rowing in the waters off Long Island, Massachusetts and Maine. The materials used are eco-friendly and the assembly of the product is done through a partnership with the Fogarty Center in Rhode Island that helps people of all abilities.
The Story of the l’ocean paddle™

l’ocean paddle™ Features

l'ocean paddle™
  • Reduce Waste

    Get the remaining 25% of your product out of the bottle. The L'Ocean Paddle easily reaches to the ends of lotions and creams, allowing you to maximize your product and save money.
  • Eco Friendly

    Made of BPA-Free, eco-friendly material, including a renewable bamboo shaft and BPA-free rubber paddle material.
  • Assembled in the USA

    Designed and assembled in the USA, through a partnership with the Fogarty Center that helps people of all abilities.
  • Sleek Design

    Sleek and clean design allows you to fit into even the smallest openings and get to the remainder of your product, saving time and money.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The L'Ocean Paddle literally pays for itself; it's saved me over $20 by letting me get to the remainder of my $100 face cream.
even used the L'Ocean Paddle on some of my condiments in the kitchen. My kids love it too! Waste-no-more.
I hate wasting products! No more pounding my shampoo bottles to get the rest out. I just use my L'Ocean Paddle. I actually get excited when I'm running low so I can take out my Paddle!
The L'Ocean Paddle is a must-have accessory for anyone that loves beauty products.